Sugar Maple…

Sixteen years ago we planted a Sugar Maple tree right off our driveway. Miss and I planted another one off our back patio too. These were transplants and they were huge and beautiful. The Sugar Maple is my favorite tree and I wanted one in the front and one in the back to kinda bookend our home. When we planted them I could hardly wait for that first Fall season to arrive in late 2000 – I couldn’t wait to see the bright orange canopy when I turned down Pennington Court. So, I waited. Anticipation grew.

And, nothing beautiful appeared out front. Fall season after Fall season came and went without anything beautiful. The Maples were healthy and kept growing slowly but the colors were dull. To say, I’ve been disappointed is an understatement. I used to drive the kids nuts when every season I would slow the car down and drool over Maple after Maple out in the country. I had Maple envy.

So, I’d kinda given up hope on our Sugar Maples, especially the one out front. And, then this year happened. Taking out the trash the other evening, I almost bumped into one of the low branches and leaning to miss it, my eyes shot up the inside of the canopy and caught a glimpse of something bright. I dropped the trash and came in close. I noticed the sunlight reflecting off a bright orange leaf or two at the very top. In the mid canopy there were bright yellows and the outside leaves were still green. After dumping the trash out front, I ran in to tell Miss the good news – the Sugar Maple’s gonna be sweet this year. Each morning since the bright orange leaf sighting, I’ve gone out to see the progress. Beautiful. Today, the entire canopy is on fire. The Scott Sugar Maple is a thing of beauty.

Sixteen years after we planted her, we’ve got a beauty out front. I have no idea if next year she’ll go back to dullsville. This year the Scott Sugar Maple is sweet. I’m going to take a long stare this Saturday and Sunday before I head out to KC. I’m going to remember. And, I’m learning that some beauties emerge early, some take awhile, some take a long time, and some take even longer. Whatever beautiful seeds you’re planting, friend, remember this. Some beauties take time. Just because the first fruits are rather routine, don’t give up hope. Just because the second and third rounds don’t do anything to excite your senses, doesn’t mean the fourth round is doomed to be dull. Some season, sometime soon, or sometime later, the beauty you’ve been caring for is gonna reach it’s potential and your eyes are going to be filled with beauty beyond belief – you’ll see. Someday, your beauty is gonna be sweet. Someday. Good…

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