Fail to flow..

This morning, with a room full of PJ’s tribe, we pushed, planked, and burped our way through thirty minutes of acute pain. We followed the not so nice, seconds timer and did what we were told. We worked. And, we failed. We failed early and often. The seconds timer kept asking us to do more push ups and we kept reaching without quite grabbing hold. In fact, as we became weaker, the timer demanded more. Good.

After the good work was behind us, I told the team they just tasted the first condition for flow. The first condition for flow is that the goal is clear. The seconds timer does not lie. The goal for the current iteration in right in front of your face and resonating in pure black and white. And, the second condition for flow is right there too. Either you do the work demanded of you or you fail. Pass or fail. The feedback is unmistakeable. When your body can’t produce the push ups demanded, I told the team, tell yourself “fail.” You see, just like in video games, you level up the fastest when you fail frequently. The more you fail, the more you learn. The team smiled as they extrapolated this learning to their aim of writing their book or starting their business.

Get clear on your aim. Embrace the fail. Find the flow that comes from pushing yourself to the edge of your challenge zone. Turn the frequent fails into fun – the joy of reaching toward something you want with all your worth. You, friend, are not a failure just because you are failing at the moment. You are on your way to winning the game. Keep working. Keep learning. Keep reaching. You gotta fail to flow, friend. Fail to flow. Fail to flow some mo.

Flow is coming. Good…

2 thoughts on “Fail to flow..

  1. Imagine that. I’ve been failing the wrong way. Fail. Either you do the work or you don’t. There’s no in between, no try. Just like the solution and the problem…you can’t be both. Pick one and go. Pick one and flow. Thank you for clarifying the meaning of feedback in failing.

  2. Another good reminder of how important it is to get out of our comfort zones and play big, fail, get back up and do it again, do more……AND that is where real learning and development begin! Thanks Chet!

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