The point of it all

I recently met a couple of really good dudes who are full of passion and knowledge, but clarity… not so much.  Their energy is infectious, they’re well read, well written and very capable.  Yet what they are saying and doing just isn’t connecting with people.  When pressed, I noticed they both have a hard time honing in on the point of it all.  So I challenged these good dudes to summarize their worlds by writing an Overarching vision regarding what they want to do, a Purpose or reason for doing it, a few Unifying strategies that they’ll do along the way, and of course how they will keep Score.

Taking a myriad of thoughts, principles, beliefs, passions and whittling them down to a few statements isn’t easy, it never is.  But we eventually found the first couple of notes and melody line to their OPUS, their big dream.  This clarity brought on immediate change in focus AND action because now they saw their shore, where they are going, and could paddle towards it.  What I didn’t expect was how quickly this clarity would impact others around them.  Both good dudes got immediate feedback from their systems in the form of people actually “buying what they’re selling”.

After having gone through this exercise and rediscovering the power of clarity, I was inspired to do the same with my OPUS.  I don’t expect that much to change, maybe a few words here or there, but I’m certain I will change.  And that, my friend, is the point of it all.

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