Lead like this…

So, it’s the end of another solid week. As you enter your weekend and, hopefully, begin to slow it down, let me give you a few words to let in. The words that follow are from a client of mine that is a star performer in his system. This is an example of how you ought to sound when opportunity, deservedly, comes your way. Lead like this, friend…

“As for our conversation today, as I’ve said previously, I’m only interested in the xyz role if everyone in the process agrees that 1. There is a need for some direct executive oversight of the entire practice and 2. That I’m the person to provide it. My opinion of the need for this role may differ from yours, and the other executives involved. My position has been and still is that we don’t have the bandwidth of energy, intellect and organization around this team that’s required to grow it in the fashion that the holding company expects or that will maintain a healthy system.

When compared to the group I lead now, the xyz groups enthusiasm for winning and curiosity for the business is lower. The discipline around marketing, service and stewardship is not where it needs to be. Those in charge of changing these dynamics aren’t doing it, are incapable of doing it or don’t see a problem with how things are operating. This goes for leaders and Associates alike. Most importantly, I don’t see the type of cohesion among the Associates that is required to build a team that will consistently win business and fight off our many competitors. These are just my observations but unfortunately they appear to be playing out in our performance metrics. I see a burning platform here. Others may not and that is ok.

There was also some concern expressed about this move being confusing to Associates or conflicting somehow with our overall strategy. I actually agree with this concern if you and I were not successful working together. If we are successful, however, it would finally put to bed the notion that we, as divisions inside the company, are incapable of effective collaboration where both sides work together and benefit. Of all of the opportunities, this is most exciting to me personally. I can remain happily doing what I’m doing and at our growth rate there is no question this will be a substantial enough business to keep me busy with production and administrative responsibilities. This is certainly an easier path for me and my team and please know if that is where we end up, I’m fine with it.”

So, next time you think about a promotion in your place of work remember it’s best when you care, but not that much. It’s best when you are simply satisfied doing the work and excited by the opportunity to do more good, not get more good pub. You see, the world needs more leaders who don’t really want position, power, or prominence – they simply want to lead, reluctantly oftentimes, a team toward their opus. Lead like this, friend. Lead like this…

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