Camaraderie comes at a cost…

Becoming ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL is a razors edge away from opting out, going it alone, giving in, and eventually giving up.

Becoming ONE is the heart of high performance teams because it’s so hard. Few even attempt. BTL practice builds a camaraderie of suffering. During practice we put you and your mates outside your comfort zones and bubble up conflict you’ve been hiding. We do this on purpose. Here’s why. First, we’re getting you to deal with stuff you’ve been dodging. Real teams know there’s nothing unsaid between ’em. Hard.

And, we’re creating a real, raw, culture of practice. You see, the greatest teams suffer together. The greatest teams get tired together. The greatest teams, the ones worth remembering, have a bond built in the locker room, the fox hole, backstage, and even the office where they’ve huddled up late into the night to get through something hard, together. Nothing, I mean nothing, bonds you and your mates like the camaraderie of suffering. Study history, you’ll see. The tough and tender teams build camaraderie through suffering toward something worthy, some worthwhile aim, and achieving something big or small – something significant to them. This is why BTL practices are sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes raw, and sometimes feel they are unfairly pointed toward calling Y.O.U. out. Yup, it’s true. We’re trying to make you suffer together. We are creating a camaraderie of suffering.

Are you and your mates aiming at anything worth the pain of the pursuit? Are you suffering, leader, alongside your mates or comfortable in the confines of your lofty perch? Are you getting tired together? Camaraderie comes at a cost, doesn’t it. Today, get tired with your team. Embrace the hard won camaraderie of suffering. Tomorrow, you won’t be tired of each other – you’ll be ready to run toward each other and toward the object of your aim. Camaraderie comes at a cost and it’s a fraction of the toll teams pay when it’s absent. Good.

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