Practice 187…

Today, during practice 187, we introduced two newbies to team k-dev. We began by breaking into two teams and investing seven good minutes getting to know them. Next we broke into four teams and shared our deepest fears. Yikes. And, finally, we jumped into the 12 playbook and received some facts about fear – the antidote to fear is always more love. Sure, you can run around your fears – it works for a while. You can run from your fears – been there, done that. You can also ignore ’em and somehow hope that by doing so the fear will simply dissipate – doesn’t seem to do the trick, does it?

So, today, we ended practice 187 with a few reminders from me to this team of k-dev krazies. I reminded them that this idea of team practice with a start up was the brain child of their founder, kman. He wanted to build a krazy good company from the ground up by giving this gift, even when it was just him, Z, OG, Reika, and Julian. So, he did. We’ve been practicing ever since and it’s been good. I reminded this team there is no perfect team just like there is no perfect family, but this team, sitting in this beautiful space, is one heck of a gifted collection of unique individuals who’ve come together to make a difference in this community and the communities they serve. I reminded them to treasure the community they’re building. And, as we put a bow on it, I reminded them that most conflict is simply a conversation to be had. Most conflict is simply a conversation to be had.

Friend, as we go forward as a community of American’s, lets keep this learning in mind. We really aren’t red and blue, black and white, have’s and have nots, or any other broad categorization that misses the mark. We’re simply a collection of unique individuals, all filled with fear and hope. And, all in need of a little courage finding our way. Today, give courage to one or two of your teammates. Kinda like batman (practice 97 today) did with me this morning, you’ll get back a whole lot more.  Good…

3 thoughts on “Practice 187…

  1. Love this team and miss this team like crazy! There is nothing like Kdev and was blessed to have been the OG to these krazies and am forever grateful for the gift of BTL!

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