Involve them…

There’s an old eastern proverb that goes something like this. “Tell me, I may listen. Teach me, I may learn. Involve me. I will do it.”

Today, during a couple of one on one practices, I asked my client to rewind the tape, if you will. We rewound all the way back to the decision point. In both cases, the decision point happened in a vacuum. The leader made a decision and then languished when the team didn’t share his enthusiasm. Leaders are believers and leaders are connectors too. This is where the conflict was rooted. You see, leader, your team loves to be included. They want to be heard and involved. They can’t go all in with your direction when you didn’t connect them during the process.

The problem isn’t that you decide, oftentimes, to go in another direction than some or most of your team. The problem is you ask them to just “do it” and they don’t feel involved. You won’t get ownership thinking with your team when you’re the only one required to think. If you want to be surrounded by a team of “owners,” you can’t continue to make decisions in a vacuum. You’ve got to involve your owners (teammates). Make sense?

Today, as we played back the tape, the lightbulb went on. My clients both got the message and accepted responsibility for their part of the problem. Because of the leaders humility and willingness to change, the team got better. Actually, the team got involved. They are now doing it.

Involve your team. Involve them. They will do it. Good…

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