Revisiting the Builder’s Journey…

…is a deliberate intentional choice you either MAKE or IGNORE — again and again and again.

Builder's JourneyThe clarity our band has had recently is the connection between the Builder’s Journey and what Toto has identified as “Moments of Truth.”

What is a Moment of Truth?   It’s a moment of clarity or realization which either validates or challenges where you are on your Builder’s Journey.    It can be triggered by lots of things –  a memory, conflict, experience, event, smell, opportunity, goal, deadline, announcement, invitation, win, loss, promotion, demotion, hiring, firing, book, blog, conversation, transition, shortfall, windfall, boredom, fear, threat, kindness, grace, mercy, pain, love, etc.  You get the idea.  If you are awake, alert & oriented x 4, they are happening all the time.

Toto has further pointed out these are HINGE moments.  They are moments of decision.  The mediocre ignore them, resist them, suppress them, put them off.   The elite seize upon them, invite them, cultivate them, deal with them.

In this Fall’s practices, we’ve raised the bar in having our clients stare their Moments of Truth in the face and write about them.  The #1 reason we WRITE at BTL is to lead yourself.   You can go through the motions for four or five years in college and earn a B.S., but it’s hard to B.S. yourself when you are writing.   WHY is this Moment of Truth real, and important?  What can be gained by acting on it?  What can be lost if I don’t?  How can I  S-corecard it?  And as you have these Moment of Truths, also ask yourself the question Tervel taught us to ask – “what’s realistically holding me back from dealing with this?”   Mostly it’s fear or denial.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran to the Builder’s Journey, a simple discipline (but not easy!) is to look for Moments of Truth in each Step along the way.

Step 1 is writing about where you REALLY are in terms of your current state, capacity, competence.  We humans tend to inflate how well we are doing and rationalize our shortcomings.   The elite seek out disconfirming evidence from fellow builders who are truth-tellers.    I’ve experienced this the past few weeks building into our new band member – aka FD, the former Apprentice, our Spirit of St. Louis.   In helping him get his BTL practice going and reviewing his current state, I’ve had a Moment of Truth about my own.    Thank you FD.

Step 2 is writing about your Dream state.  The one you want is a TRUE challenge state — neither a lay-up nor unrealistic pie-in-the-sky.   The elite keep their challenge bar right on the edge of their panic zone.   Again, in helping to challenge St. Louis with his, I’ve had a Moment of Truth about my own.   I’ve “settled” into a Dream/Challenge state which used to be inspiring but now is mediocre.   “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” (Goethe) – especially your OWN.  Since FD is a former pro soccer player,  I challenged him to a shootout – first one to net 3 goals (qualified new BTL engagements) wins.  What’ve we seen just 2 weeks later???  The game is ON!

Step 3 is writing about the Productive Actions you will take.   Toto and FD have helped me with a ton of clarity here.   You see, the dots representing mile markers on the Builder’s Journey are first and foremost Moments of Truth about the REAL priorities which need Productive Action. Our Sunday Supper discipline of broadcasting  last week’s updates and this week’s plans reflect the #2 way you lead yourself, by communicating your Moments of Truth to fellow builders, who in turn will give you courage, challenge and compassion to turn them into Productive Action “Done Sos”  not B.S. (Busy Steps).

Together we have Moments of Truth.  Then, “Together We Improve.”



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