This Thanksgiving morning I’m already full. Haven’t had a thing to eat but I’m satisfied. U2’s song, Moment of Surrender is serenading me in the background. So, so good. I’m slowing down at the moment and letting it in…

Just worked my core for 47:47 with four men who always come to the 3PP and make me do what I can. Today, we were missing five men so we made up for their absence by introducing a new menace – Mr. Eightypoundkettlebellhell. Long name but he demands respect. Today he earned it and so did PJ, slo, and jmo. Good.

I’m thankful for God’s grace, His love, families both here and afar, Miss Missi, friends, BTL builders, and clients to serve. I’m thankful to have a body capable of work, a mind still curious, and a hopeful spirit in spite of doubt and uncertainty. Yes, I’m full and fortunate beyond anything I could earn. Grateful and just as often forgetful. I too need reminders to slow down and let it in. Today’s going to be slow and savory. Later today we’ll feast. This morning we labored. Funny, I love ’em both. You see, I’ve come to understand that hard opus you can sustain as you sweat. Hard labor, however, you disdain as you tire. Get yourself some hard opus, friend. Good.

God, help me see your grace and love in the good, not so good, and even the ugly. God, thank you for the gift of freedom. God, help me pass it all along. God, help me.

Happy Thanksgiving, family, friends, and clients. Happy Thanksgiving…

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