Touch matters…

I’m not a very touchy, feely, kinda guy. I don’t dislike touch, but I don’t go out of my way to create it. My bride has put up with my lack of touch for 34 years. She has rarely complained and had plenty of reason. Since making peace with her illness, I’ve found myself wanting to touch her more to convey caring. Touch has never been that much of my love language. It is now. Miss told me today she doesn’t know why touch matters so much right now, it just does. I’m slow but I’m learning. Touch matters. Touch matters more than I know. Touchy, feely, here I come. Good…

What, friend, are you learning as an old dog, middle aged dog, or young pup? What kinda feedback are you receiving that it might be time to learn a new trick or two? What is your present struggle trying to teach you?

Who knew, touch mattered so much. Who knew? Clearly – not me…

2 thoughts on “Touch matters…

  1. I’m with David, very important message and some good writing! I have been married 41 years this month and knowing your partners love language is a huge factor in growing together as a couple. If your wife wants touch give her touch, if she wants to be heard, then Listen! It took me awhile to figure out that their was somebody else in the marriage and that it wasn’t all about ME! Listen More, Walk Together, Talk, Touch, CARE MORE, treat each other like Best Friends and be Kind! Is it EASY, NO…. but it is worth the effort for sure!
    Keep writing and Go UK!

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