Growth minded…

There are really two mindsets according to researcher, Carol Dweck. You and I are either fixed or growth. Simple. Of course, the truth is more complicated. You and I are some combination of both, depending on the situation, circumstance, or people involved. In your work, if you want to achieve your full potential, you’re gonna want to build a predominately growth mindset. Fact.

Here’s how high performers define success – learning, growing, and slowly becoming their best selves. Failure – feedback, information they can use, motivation, a loss of opportunity but not the end of the world. Failure is feedback. Henry this morning in practice 189 got some feedback he could use. He kinda sucks at “Turns.” Instead of going bananas or turtle, Henry took it as a challenge. He admitted his shortcoming and took it as a challenge to get better. This is a growth mindset. He turned (pun intended) his fail into feedback.

A fixed mindset defines success – winning, being better than others, looking good, and preserving whatever is their sense of self.   Failure – inconsolable. A loss of identity. Feedback is perceived as an attack. Losing is something to loathe not learn from. “Somebody or nobody” mentality. A fixed mindset overly attaches to accomplishment and praise. Reputation matters more than character. I mean come on man, if character is some kinda fixed dealio why not focus more attention on looking good vs being good.

And, another big difference between these two minds is around who owns the process of improvement. The growth mindset sees they are in charge of the process. The fixed mind sees it as somebody else’s process and problem. The coach, partner, teammate, boss, brother, dad, or another. The fixed mindset overly focus on position, prominence, and power and blame others for stunting them, even blame them for moments where they feel stuck. The growth mind makes peace with it’s place/position and focuses on growing, building, serving, and let’s nature take care of itself. The growth mind focuses on what it can control…

Growth minded own the process. Do you? Growth mindsets love learning more than they loathe losing. Do you?

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