Learn, grow, serve…

Kansas basketball has some sweet throwback uniforms. The coolest part involves the pin stripe stitching running down the jersey and shorts. The stiching  is actually words too small to pick up as a spectator. Here’s what it says.

“Pay heed. The game you love began here. Respect those who came before you. Make their legacy your own. Because destiny favors the dedicated. And rings don’t replace work. In this game you don’t get what you want. You get what you earn. We are Kansas. Together we rise. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!”

A good reminder for each of us in the world of work. Slow down and reflect. What might people read if they studied your body of work, up close and personal? Would they see a professional deeply in love with his craft, her team, filled with gratitude and respect for those whose jersey they’ve been blessed to wear and for those patrons they are allowed to serve? Would they see someone focused on the phrase “keep working,” or someone polishing last years ring? Would they see someone bringing others together or hogging the spotlight?

Pay heed, friend. Success in your game is not all about winning. Success starts when you are all about learning, growing, and serving. The wins will come. Focus on doing the work, on the stitching only you can see – learn, grow, serve. Good…

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