Mules are sterile, stubborn, and small. Mules, however, are not stupid – at least not when compared to normal horses. You see, mules have eyes that allow them to see their hind quarters which gives them a much better sense of balance. They are less likely to have trouble with their hooves and are less likely to stumble going down treacherous, uneven, terrain. Mules can survive on less water than horses and require less hay or grass. Mules, historically, have gotten a bad rap – especially by me.

I recently devoured a book titled, The Oregon Trail and it’s given me some new learning on the power of being sterile, stubborn, and small. My perspective has changed. I’m learning. I’ve been a little closed minded when it comes to these animals and rushed to judge. Turns out there is a place for mules on most every team. In fact, your team and mine works optimally when we have deep diversity of minds, talents, and types. Turns out we work best when we’ve got just the right mix of mustangs, mules, and even some donkeys too. It’s really not an “either/or” choice when it comes to the types on your team. Embrace the “and,” leader. Embrace the “and,” especially the one that’s not your type. Good…

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