Build here…

Intuition, according to Danny Kahneman (freakin’ brain expert), “is nothing more and nothing less than recognition.” Translation – the more you practice in whatever is your domain the more expert intuition will build. Mothers did not inherit a Mom’s intuition and simply know by looking at us that we had a fever or some form of flu. Mothers, the really good ones, simply enjoyed prolonged practice studying you and studying me. So, when something small seemed a little off from our normal, they “intuitively” knew how best to respond.

Apply this learning, leader, to leading your team. Tune in. Study them. Know their tendencies. Track their temperature. Play to strength. Push ’em into weakness they can turn to strength and away from weakness that, well, weakens them perpetually. Your job, leader, is to recognize. Practice building your recognition skills. A mother’s intuition is built. Build here…

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