Mastery is…

Today I listened (again) to a master in his “moment of truth”.  Captain Chelsey Sullenberger had less than 90 seconds to land a completely powerless airplane carrying 155 lives. The air traffic control audio doesn’t lie, his communication was clear, concise and direct… freakin’ magic.  Sully didn’t flinch because he had put in nearly 20,000 hours of time mastering his craft, he was decisive and took immediate action.  Oh… and he also just so happened to have a LOVE for gliders and taught others in his spare time.

Believe it or not, we’re all in the captain’s chair every day faced with our own mini “moments of truth”: someone at work has figured out a way to rip off the company… your child failed a test at school… someone cuts you off and then gives you the bird.  Sure these aren’t life or death situations, but the recipe for a “successful landing” is the same…  build yourself first and most.

Remember, your boss, client, co-worker, wife, kid, etc. doesn’t need to be fixed, YOU do.  You and I need to get stronger in our CORE and live in alignment with it.  This is the REAL HARD WORK any leader must do.  If you have a deeply held belief, study it (deeply).  If you have a strength, use it (purposefully).  If you have a core value, stick to it (regularly).  If you have a passion, do it (more).  If you know your purpose, live it (now).

What does the audio tape sound like for your “moments of truth”?  Do you freeze up or take control?  Do you dance around the issue or decide to take action?  Are you someone who reacts with unbridled emotions or stays in control? Would you send a bird back or laugh it off?  Mastery is painful and possible, we’ve got work to do my friends.  10,000 hours to become masters and 10,000 more reach Sully level.  Good.

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