Becoming ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL is a razors edge away from opting out, going it alone, giving in, and eventually giving up. Becoming ONE is the heart of high performance teams because it’s so hard. Few even attempt. Most just settle for good enough and getting along. So, next time you’re in BTL practice and your builder’s going off on the smallest, seemingly insignificant thing you’ve said or done, understand there is a method to the madness – we’re building a culture…

First, the BTL builder is getting you to deal with what you’ve been dodging. Real teams gotta trust there’s nothing unsaid between ’em. Hard. And, we’re creating a real, raw, culture of practice. You see, the greatest teams suffer and get tired together. The greatest teams, the ones worth remembering, have a bond built in the locker room, the fox hole, backstage, and even the office where they’ve huddled up late into the night to get through something hard, together. Nothing bonds you and your mates like the camaraderie of suffering. Study history, you’ll see. This is why BTL practices are sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes raw, and sometimes feel like they are unfairly pointed toward calling you out. Yup, it’s true – we’re trying to make you suffer together. We’re creating the camaraderie of suffering.

Are you and your mates aiming at anything worth the pain of the pursuit? Are you suffering, leader, alongside your mates or comfortable in the confines of your lofty perch? Are you getting tired together? Camaraderie comes at a cost, doesn’t it.

Peace is found on the other side of chosen suffering. Persevere through the pain with passion,purpose, and your mates, friend. This morning, 8 men chose the camaraderie of suffering in the 3PP. The culture in the 3PP is all about chosen suffering. The culture in your place of work isn’t what’s written on the walls, it’s what’s written in your heart and what’s tolerated by your team. The elite understand all cultures come at a cost. What price are you paying? What performances are you tolerating? What gets rewarded? What kinda culture you building, friend? What’s the culture in your 20 square feet?

Your choices, leader, have consequences. Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice…

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