Be who you are…

Do not change who you are depending on who you are with. Be who you are regardless where you are and who you are with. Be who you are. Confident and bold. Tough and tender. Filled with the Spirit, constantly leaking, and continually refilling, renewing, and restoring. Be who you are.

I gave the above as PA to three clients this past week. All three were filled with just a little more fear than love. The fear was causing them to try to be someone they ‘re not. I reminded them all that who they are is more than enough. I reminded them they’ve done the hard work within to build their CORE, now they need to trust it and live it. The recipe for living consistently with your beliefs is a little more love than fear. A little more. Good…

Stop trying to play someone you’re not, friend. Remember, it takes too much energy to fake it out of fear. Be who you are. God, help me remember to rest in you, allow you to fill me up, and give some semblance of love. God, help me be who I am.

God, help me…

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