Today, during practice 10 with a team of homies, we heard the story of a leader correcting a teammate before his teammate was ready to receive. His correction was greeted with triple d (defend, deny, destroy). So, next chance he had, this leader decided to course correct – he chose to have a cocktail and come alongside. He and his teammate had some good convo. He didn’t know diddly about his teammate, the leader discovered. He connected with his teammate over the course of a few hours and learned a boatload. Good.

Back in the office a few days later, another opportunity for correction presented itself. Calmly, our leader offered up similar coaching from a few days back. Instead of being greeted with The Heisman, this connected leader was asked to “tell me more.” Turned out his teammate was open to being coached once he felt connected. The melody line, friend?

Connect before you correct. Good…

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