Synchronistic Moments!

Synchronicity: “the seemingly accidental meeting of two unrelated causal chains in a coincidental event which appears both highly improbable and highly significant.” I think I would also add this phrase to that definition…’When YOU are open to those events and allow them to happen.”

I still find it just crazy how many times I have a chance meeting (Synchronistic Moment) with someone and within minutes we find a common bond. On vacation last week in Clearwater Beach Fl. my wife and I say hello to the lady next to us and within 10 minutes she names a friend of hers, who is my College roommate and then relates a story about one of her old neighbors and the old neighbor was in my parents wedding…NOW that was a Synchronistic Moment!

However, as my wife spoke to this lady and they started to talk, I felt a resistance start to mount within me, you know what I’m talking about, “my book is more important than this conversation, my Facebook page is calling me, what about the 50 e-mails I need to answer while on vacation!” I’m sure you have had that feeling of not wanting to be bothered or even want to take the time to speak to someone when your Instagram account is calling?

When I got home from our vacation I found myself sharing with friends this Synchronistic Moment/ Story and just how unlikely or improbable it was that this lady would know my college roommate or that her neighbor was in my parents wedding and how it just all started to unravel as we talked. I’m reminded of a quote by John Muir, “When you tug at a single thing in the universe, you find it’s attached to everything else.” These Synchronistic Moments are like that; you just kind of tug at something and a whole stream of connections start to pour forth!

The thing that does bother me is how many times I have stuck my face in my phone, put my headphones on or not taken the time to speak to someone within 10 feet of me and missed a learning opportunity or a meaningful conversation, the kind that makes you feel just a little more human, kind or generous. How many Synchronistic moments are you missing or not allowing yourself to experience?

The great young filmmaker Tiffany Shlain in her short film Adaptable Mind refers to the skills that we will need to succeed and adapt in the 21st Century: Curiosity, Creativity, Empathy, Multi-Disciplinary Thinking, Initiative and finding ways to partner and collaborate rather than being an army of ones.

Be a “Conversation Maker”, allow yourself to put down your phone, look at the person next to you and simply start with “Hello, how is your day going? “The Currency of the 21st Century, Deeper Human Interaction! If only you will allow yourself to do so!

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