Turn frustration into fuel…

High performers are frustrated more often than most. High performers want the ball when the game is on the line and when surrounded by other high performers there are not enough balls to go around. High performers belief is sometimes ahead of ability. High performers are not naturally patient. So, when asked to share the ball, take one for the team, and wait their turn, it isn’t met with grins and giggles.

High performers get frustrated.

Normal people do not want the ball and are more than happy to let someone else do the heavy lifting when deadlines/crunch time arrive. Faux high performers get pissed when passed over and sit around and pout. High performers may get mad and even feel sorry for themselves for a minute or two, but not for long. High performers understand frustration is part and parcel to performance. So, when told to wait their turn or get passed for that promotion right in front of them, they take a deep breath and get busy. They prepare for the next moment. They understand that frustration is simply fuel. High performers use frustration as fuel and focus on the next MOT (moment of truth), ’cause they know there’s another coming soon. Practice and more practice are their outlet. High performers prepare, practice, and leave the pouting for the faux among ’em.

High performers are the few, not the faux.

High performers understand that frustration is their friend. They focus their frustration and turn it into fuel. “Next time,” they tell themselves, their practice and prepartion will be rewarded. What is your response, friend, when not chosen to take the last shot in your line of work? How well do you trust your teammmates to make the play? What are you doing to prepare for your next moment of truth with your team?

High performers get frustrated. The few turn frustration into fuel. Be one of the few, friend. Good…

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