2 + 2 = ONE

I recently had practice 2 with 2 sisters who are working to rebuild their father’s business and restore his good name.  OhBoyJoy and J-Mo were exploring how that little voice in your head, rooted in your childhood, affects your actions today.  The lightbulbs didn’t just turn on for them both, they blew up (in a good way)…

OhBoyJoy (older sister) shared that she was always told how naturally good she is at everything, how talented she was and how she can do anything she wanted.  However, the truth is that talent can only take you so far and she knew it.  So when her natural ability was no longer good (enough), she ran for the hills so to speak.  You see that little voice in her head has told her that she better not let anyone see she’s not as “good” as they think.  So she’s earned a reputation for lacking discipline, commitment and focus in the work place. 

J-MO, on the other hand, was always told how low the bar was for her.  That graduating high school and not getting pregnant were quite the accomplishment.  Now the little voice in her head says you’re not good enough, you’ve got no potential and you’re certainly no OhBoyJoy.  So she’s carried the burden of proving herself for far too long and has built a nice big wall of resentment.

Here’s the point of this rant, actually the point of it all if you ask me: spending time outside of the hustle and bustle of work helped these business partners discover some pain AND face it, together.  THIS, my sisters – brothers – friends, is the REAL HARD WORK.  Lean into understanding and working on yourself first and most.  Acknowledge you’ve got some repair to do and get busy repairing.  THIS is how two become ONE.  

5 thoughts on “2 + 2 = ONE

  1. Double D – the nickname ‘jmo’ is licensed, trademarked, patented and, in any other way imaginable, off-limits for general public use, duplication or unauthorized distribution. Please cease & desist its use immediately. – the REAL jmo

  2. AND…the jmo we know and love who has mastered his own negativity and security in his identity forgot to add “p.s. great stuff keep writing MO”

  3. The Original JMO speaks! So good to hear from you. I will MOdify my use of JMO on this blog in respect of your legacy AND with hopes that you will make your presence MOre known on this blog by commenting MOre wisdom and perspective. Do we have a deal?

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