You can do more than you think…

Remember, the untrained brain defaults to F.U.D. – Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This is survival wiring. FUD doesn’t lead to freakin magic. FUD leads to a dud, or at least to something less than your best. The elite invest hours in training the brain. They understand the default wiring isn’t gonna contribute to their best routine and, in fact, is gonna confuse the muscles. Instead of trusting the training, the myelin wrapped practice routines compete with the untrained FUD brain and the result is too much thinking. Not good.

Recently, with a team of gymnasts, we’ve worked on wiring some positive pre-routine routines, if you will. Turns out the pre-routine routines are just as important as the gymnastic routine itself. You and I get better at whatever is our aim by building better brains. Try saying that fast, three times in one row. The best brains trust their training and the result is the kinda performance we hardly remember but can’t forget.

Hardly remember but can’t forget.

Whatever it is you’re trying to master, remember, you’ve got to train your brain to believe. You’ve got to trust your training and turn it loose. The best way to trust your training in whatever is your MOT (moment of truth) is to, well, train hard. The best routine, whether it’s gymnastics, grappling, golf, or any other aim, is to “keep working” in every practice and find the joy is doing hard things well.  The best performances come from a commitment to the best work routines. Fact. Remember our elite SEAL’s mantra here – “You don’t rise to the occasion. You sink to the level of your training.” Good.

This past weekend the OSU team of gymnasts performed below their capacity. They played it safe as most of us do most of the time. As I watched them I smiled and realized this is simply part of the process. They are learning to believe and don’t fully believe as Cbear and I do. They will. I’m not sure when they “flip the switch,” but I know it’s coming and I can’t wait to see it when they do. This team is more than capable. I’m not sure they win BIG’s this weekend but they’ve got a chance. They’ve got another week of training to build more belief. They’ve got another week to do hard things. They’ve got another week to open presents and give gifts to each other. They’ve got another week to tune into teammates, SEAL buddies, and enjoy the process as they get tired together. They’ve got another week to train the brain. Good.

Hey, team of gymnasts. This weekend? Trust your training. Have some fun doing hard things. Laugh at your mistakes and keep learning, keep reaching. You can do more than you think. You can do more than you think. And, open your presents – give your gifts. Actually, give ’em your freakin’ gifts. And, friend, why don’t you do the same. What are you waiting for to open up and show us what you’ve got? You’re not getting any younger, friend. Reach for whatever challenge is in front of you. Haven’t you been in the comfort zone long enough? Go on, give it a go. Good…


2 thoughts on “You can do more than you think…

  1. Yesterday I watched a documentary on bull riders. There is a prodigy from Brazil that has won 3 world champions in a row, which ties him for the record at only 27 years old. With possibly 10 years left in his career everyone is in awe at what he can accomplish. He has the potential to be the greatest of all time by leaps and bounds. He had never had an injury at that point, which is a feat in itself! That year during training he got stomped for the first time and fractured his hip resulting in surgery. Not a big deal for most bull riders as you can imagine the danger, but this was his very first injury, so it didn’t just damage his body which can be repaired, it damaged his rock solid brain. He’s back riding bulls and he’s horrible. He’s still got the same body and skill of a champion but because of his brain he’s horrible now….scared…full of fear. He knows it, and everyone else knows it, but he can’t shake it. He wasn’t a champion because he was stronger, he was a champion because he was braver. He was brave in the most dangerous sport in the world, that was his edge… He had no fear. Now, he’s lost. I’ve been working on fear with my builder and the work has freed me, so when I watched this documentary I watched it with a different lens and immediately understood the issue at hand. There were lots of lessons in this documentary, but maybe the biggest for me was the power and strength that fear has, not only on everyone, but champions. It took down this prodigy in one fowl swoop. Fear is the master, and until we master it, we can’t master anything. It’s a powerful foe that is waiting in the wings to recapture its thrown when it senses a weak spot. The key is to be trained and ready to push it back. Vigilant!

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