I’m always thinking about the power of big dreams yet recently the focus has shifted a bit. None of us is getting younger, we know this but for many of us we try, it seems, to forget this. I am attempting to embrace this fact. In 2026, assuming I’m still alive, our great country will begin another year long celebration of our founding 250 years ago. When America celebrated her 200th birthday back in 1976, I was a 17 year old high school student yet I remember all the flags, speeches, and seemingly endless focus on this milestone. You couldn’t miss the significance of the celebration even as a young person mostly preoccupied with chasing golf balls, girls, and good times.

In 2026 I’ll be 67. I have big dreams for celebrating our countries 250th and am filled with hope personally, professionally, individually, and collectively. One of my personal dreams for 2026 is to feel, physically, as good as I do now. Why not? I feel better at 57 than I did at 47. Why not aim for more? Why not? Another professional dream is for BTL to have attracted enough crazies to carry it on beyond me. Dohshedoush is on board now. He’s from a whole ‘nother generation, why not aim for some millennial magic improving the band in another nine – yes – we’ll be fine. And, collectively, I have a dream for our country, lots of dreams for her, in fact. We live in the land of the free and in 2026, I’m dreaming about our country being united by a woman president who brings a tough and tender, inclusive belief system to our 50 states. Good.

I have a freakin’ ton of crazy dreams. A ton. The reason? My body is pain free, my mind is too, and my spirit is at ease as I’ve found comfort in knowing (barely,strangely, mystically, freakin’ magically, and not without doubts/questions) my creator. You see, the hurting do not dream. Those lacking liberty do not dream. The hopeless and abused do not dream. Only the healthy dream. Fact. So, today, friend, lend a hand to someone and pull them up. Take a moment and talk instead of text or tweet to someone you know who needs an ear – your ear. Take the time to talk. Good.

This morning’s practice made me take stock of my dreams and how blessed I’ve been to have been born so well and cared for by so many. Gratitude gives me great cause for pause. Gratitude also gives me great energy to give. Hopefully these electronic words of mine find some kinda home with some of you. 2026 is gonna be a great mile marker for America, I believe. Why not catch a big dream for you too?  Why not? Who says you’re too old or too young? Who cares? Dream and do, friend. Remember our good friend, Goethe, and dream no small dreams for they have no power to move humankind.

2026 is coming. Good…

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