Shoe dog…

Creators are not like your normal Joe or Jane. Creators are more like the juvenile delinquent than the defense attorney, ’cause they mostly challenge the status quo instead of maintain it. Creators stir the pot, experiment, and play with fire until something gets lit. Most of us humans are reluctant to create. We want someone else to pave the way and then maybe we’ll add a couple thoughts or tidbits. Leaders would benefit from remembering this little truth. We humans love to contribute to a cause, a company, or to a really cool creation. We mostly just wait for something that excites us enough to get involved.

Leaders create.

Leaders create and create some more. Leaders create and engage the team to contribute. Some contribute a ton. Some contribute a tidbit. The cool systems make it easy to do either. You cannot be a leader without creating something. You can be an effective operator without creating. You can be a great manager without creating. You can be a good teammate without creating. You can be a valuable contributor without creating. Leaders create. And, the best of the best make others feel more, not less with whatever tidbit they contribute to the cause. And, the best of the best turn up the quiet ones. And, these quiet ones often contribute a ton. Leaders create and collect the best contributions both large and small from all around. Good.

Leaders create. Durps creating a community that collects debt by creating jobs. Brett’s creating a community that, well, builds communities in the Gramercy, 600 Goodale, 250 High, LVQ, 225, Gravity, soon in the short north, and then who knows where. Brett’s a krazy creator. Jim, Bob, and Arnold created a community around health and fitness, it started here in cbus and is now on every continent. Dan’s creating community and a company where technology meets a handshake. Leaders create. Leaders build a team of contributors. And, some leaders create leaders. FM, baby.

We could use a few more creators in our country, friend. According to a recent Harvard Business School study, we rate just behind Peru in terms of entrepreneurs. Back in 1962, Phil took a trip ’cause he had an idea about bringing a better running shoe to our shores. He was 24. He had no clue, but he knew he was meant to create. So, he did. Nike was born. Phil was a runner who loved the idea of creating a better shoe. Still does. You see, at age 79, he still considers himself a shoe dog of sorts. Good.

Thanks, creators, for taking the risk. Who knows which creator could be the next shoe dog. Who knows…

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