DD OPUS version x.0

Here’s my distinct and deeply connected OPUS…

Build a small army of leaders who are core centered, committed to purpose, and ONE with their teams.

Help people become “fully alive” in alignment with St. Iranaeus’ incite.

— 20 hours a week is the expectation, lean towards the playbook
— Weekly practice & monthly shadow w/ my builder
— Choose responsibility over empathy
— Serve every client with a singular focus on making them do what they can do
— Prepare for every client practice as if they won’t grab the reins AND be open / encourage them to take control
— Weekly connect with people who support and understand what I’m doing regardless of if they are paying me

… writing words of affirmation to themselves
… doing the real hard work
… taking action in alignment with their OPUS
… grabbing the reigns and leading a practice
… referring me to someONE else


3 thoughts on “DD OPUS version x.0

  1. Chet,

    Thank you for the summary of your OPUS. It has provided me with the framework from which to develop my own.

    I am, however, unfamiliar with St. Iranaeus’ incite. Can you share details about it?

    1. Hey Tom… this is David and your question about my OPUS is greatly appreciated. St. Iranaeus said, “The glory of God is man fully alive”. I believe becoming “fully alive” is a process of discovering who we were MADE to be. AND… living in alignment with that brings glory to God. If this intrigues you, don’t take my word, Google it and tell me what YOU believe. Give and take care!

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