Skill. Passion. Effort…

Today, during practice 29 with a tired team in Phoenix, I reminded them of a few mindset no brainers that are the habit of the elite. This team got tired together and learned the language of the elite is around building skill, passion, and effort. Here’s my top ten mindset reminders of my study of the elite. Feel free to “and,” as there are many more…

1. Never compare your insides to somebody else’s outsides. Thank you, Rob Lowe.
2. Never compare your progress with the distance to your dream. Always measure backward. Measure your progress by seeing how far you’ve come. Good.
3. When overwhelmed never go dark. This is when the elite merge into the team. Thank you, SEAL’s.
4. Life is an energy management problem. The optimal fuel is love. Find the fun and joy in doing hard things well.
5. Switch your mindset from “do or die,” to “dream and do.”
6. Marry the mundane. Look for 1% gains not giant leaps for mankind.
7. Internalize your mantra. “Keep working,” is mine. Kyle Snyder’s is “never stop attacking.”
8. Focus on the process, not the outcome. Build skill. Focus on what you can control, remember.

9. Go to bed with your gratitude journal. Write down what went well, what you’re thankful for, and what was positive from your day.

10. Together we improve. Remember, Jesus never sent His disciples out alone. At a minimum they went out two by two. You, friend, are not meant to go it alone. Merge into the team. Get yourself a SEAL buddy kinda truth teller. Make each other do what you can.

Focus on the process. Results will come. Skill. Passion. Effort. Keep working. Good to be with you, tired team in Phoenix. Good to be with you.

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