Self awareness & self delusional…

Self awareness is a funny thing. First off, according to modern science, 94% of our fears (you’re very aware when scared, aren’t you) are irrational. Translation. 94% of your fears are nothing to fear.

Flying home from Scottsdale this week I boarded early and took a window seat in row 2 and prepared to sleep myself home. A young woman boarded right behind me and took the window seat in row 1, right in front of me. It did not take long to realize she had an irrational fear of flying. Every time we hit a little rough air (emphasis on little) she would death grip the arm rests and push her body back into her seat and into my knees. If not for her good fortune in having a former flight attendant seated next to her, she would have certainly had a full blown panic attack. She was very aware of her fear. She was unable to separate enough from it, however, to see how irrational it was.

94% of your fears are irrational. Your evaluation of them is subject to your beliefs and past experiences more than their statistical relevance or reality. Whenever you do a self assessment, remember this. Self assessments are only as valuable as the self doing the evaluating. Self awareness and self delusion are more proximate than we know. Fact. Next time you take a self assessment try taking it in front of one of your truth tellers. Talk to them as you answer away and see what changes. Come on, give it a try. What’s there to fear in that, friend?

If you want to learn more about how irrational we really are, check out Dan Ariely’s book titled, well, Predictably Irrational. Good…

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