There’s never time, is there…

This Easter morning, before heading to Church, I headed down to the river for a little, quiet walk in the woods. We live just 1/2 mile up from the Olentangy river and the Ohio scenic road known as 315. From Worthington Hills to it’s merger into route 23 just south of Delaware, this tiny two laner meanders just to the west of the river. Very beautiful. Now, very crowded. You see, this little stretch of land has grown quite popular.

Since the start of 2017, route 315 has been closed from Powell Road to Retreat lane, a stretch of about 1/2 mile. So, this morning, I thought I would walk down and take a look around. The walk did not disappoint as it took me back to a slower, quieter time when Miss and I first moved up here nearly 30 years ago. I used to ride my bike on a loop that included this stretch of road, turned up the Powell road hill and wandered over to the other river valley (Scioto) a handful of miles away, where I would turn to the north and almost never see a car. Times have changed. Progress. Growth. Popularity. We’ve gotten bigger, lots bigger…

Anyway, as I made my way into the construction zone, it didn’t take long to realize this was foundational work going on. The road isn’t getting wider to allow for more lanes and less congestion. Nope, that wouldn’t be scenic now would it. The work going on won’t hardly be noticed once it’s done either. You see, what’s going on for month after month after month, down by the river, is simple. They’re building a wall. They’re building a foundational retention wall all along the east side. Seems the engineers have determined that without this wall, someday, the scenic road’s gonna wash away. The state is doing what only makes sense – they’re building a wall to save us from our growth.

So, friend, with all the growth going on in your world it may make sense to slow it down and build a wall for you too. You know the bigger, faster, stronger, and more popular you become, the more you need to keep yourself in proper perspective. There’s never enough time to do this kinda, seemingly unseen construction is there? Build within, anyway. Nothing brings stability to us more than building a humility wall. And, nothing helps me build humility more than time on my knees pondering the moral code within each of us and gazing up at the stars and imagining the amazing world beyond us. Keep perspective, regardless your position friend. Keep perspective. Give thanks for the air we breathe, give thanks for drink, clothing, friends, family, and food. Give thanks for whatever growth you may enjoy at the moment. Keep looking up, friend. As C.S. Lewis reminded us, “A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.”

Route 315 is under construction. The state decided it was time to build a wall that nobody’s gonna see to keep our road from slipping into the river. Friend, isn’t it time you and I build a humility wall to help hold us together. There’s never time, is there. Build within, anyway. Build humility. God, help me keep perspective. God, help me. Good…


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