Entrepreneurs of life…

If you work for someone, please remember this – you still work for you. Let this truth sink in, my company man/woman. You still work for you. All of us are entrepreneurs. Fact. All of us mentally healthy adults are, at a minimum, entrepreneurs of life. Do not forget this fact, friend. Your life is yours to make of what you will. Just because you work for someone else, shouldn’t your work life, be yours to manage and make what you will? Only makes sense, right?

Your life. Own it. Make it what you want. Go on. You’re an adult. You are an entrepreneur of life. You are the man. You got this. Now, regarding your work, why not own that piece too? You’re working, right? Why not make it a labor of love, since we’re laboring. Why would you go through the motions when you know you’re made for so much more?

Why not author your OPUS? It doesn’t matter that your name’s not on the building, the corner office, or any cubicle. Author your OPUS and live it in your twenty square feet. I mean come on man, you’re already an entrepreneur of life, how hard can this entrepreneur at work thing be. Not hard at all, really. It’s just a little bit easier to sit in victimhood and blame the boss. It’s just a little bit easier. Remember, you can choose what is easy and life, eventually, gets hard. You can choose what is hard, and life eventually gets easier. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

You work for the man, friend? You still work for you. You work for you. At a minimum, we’re all entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs of life. Good…

1 thought on “Entrepreneurs of life…

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