See you later, seniors…

Grappy asked me to come speak at his end of season banquet honoring eight seniors, six All American’s, one National Champion, and the teams National runner up title. I spoke briefly about BTL team practice and then listened as the eight seniors spoke to me and the couple hundred family, friends, and donors. As always, this team spoke to me more than I to them.

Here’s the melody line from today’s banquet. Don’t miss this. This could be huge. The melody line from OSU grappler’s banquet was laughter and love. Every senior had a story about their teammates and their coaches. And, every senior told a story of how much love they have for Coach Ryan, the head Grappy. To a man (one woman too), these seniors spoke of being touched by how much Coach Ryan cared for them as students more than athletes. The shake in their voices showed more than just sincerity. The shake showed the love was mutual. Each one laughed as they poked fun at the mannerisms and intensity of their leader. It was humbling and inspiring to witness so much love and tender words from a room filled with warriors.

Today, Rasheed, McKenna, Blake, Josh, Matt, Justin, Jack, and Nick said good bye to their wrestling careers at The Ohio State University. They said goodbye. Each one of ’em said something else, loud and clear too. Each one said, “See you later.” When you form friendships as deep as these, you don’t ever really say goodbye. You know you’ll see each other later. See you later, seniors. You spoke to me today and I’m certain to each other. Thanks for the memories and thanks for the prospect of more in the making.

See you later. Good…

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