Practice 231…

Earlier this week I saw strength in someone I was seeing for the very first time. Rare. We were in practice 231 (practice 1 for her) and she took a seat next to the owner to give him some feedback, she’s been on board for three days. In the interview, she told him unapologetically, she had left with her head spinning. His challenging words left her feeling discounted by what she had done before. I asked what he said that minimized your past. He said, “you’re corporate,” she replied matter of factly. Her father, you see, had worked for GM. She was proud of this. She had taken pride in what he had done. This made her feel small after she left. “I’m a UAW brat” was part of her identity. Her new leaders words had made her feel less – made her feel small. So, why friend, was she sitting in the seat next to him?

Simple. His words hit home. As she drove home and the next drove back to her place of employ, she knew she had to leave. You see, sometimes the truth has to hurt before setting us free. His words lit a fire in her. These surroundings, in this crazy place of Choice, were what she wanted. So she did what only the few do in these moments of clarity, moments of truth, if you will. She acted. Don’t miss this. This is huge. This strong, young woman sat down at the kitchen table and told her husband and family that she was “weak in her core.” They tried to console her and she would have none of it. They tried to cheer her up and she told them to stop. She had made up her mind, she was quitting her job and she hadn’t even been offered the job at Choice yet. She just knew she had to take the first step in faith and get out of the place that really made her small.

So, she did it. She acted in her MOT. She quit her job. Quit that day. She got challenged with some hard truth. She could have gotten down on self. Instead, she got hard on self. In the process, she got lit. Strength. This young woman has a strong CORE. I can hardly imagine what she’s gonna look like in the coming months and years, now that she knows it and is gonna be given the chance to build it!

Slow down and reflect, friend. What hard truth are you running from? What hard truth you not hearing? Let it in, friend. It’s only gonna hurt for awhile. Once you find the nugget of hard truth and absorb the hurt, get up and get going. You’ve got great choices in front of you, now that your ears are unclogged and your eyes are wide open. Go. Like this young woman in practice 231, you’ll be in a better place before you even leave. Funny how learning to stand makes us better right where we are, first. Sit with that for awhile, friend. Good…

1 thought on “Practice 231…

  1. I love these supernova moments of life. I’ve had many, and I always lean towards them. I’m a person that craves rebirth and change because I was blessed at a young enough age to be forced to survive. Survivors are faced with two options…sit and wallow, or move and flourish. Thank God I moved to flourish…almost on a dime. This fearless quality of leaping into the abiss in faith is one of my best qualities. I’m proud of this. I will add this to my CORE, and then look at my life to see if I have an opportunity to use this strength in my current situations. Thank you for the reminder.

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