Comradarie of suffering…

This morning as I walked out of the lower level and made my way up the back stairs, I wondered how many friends would be waiting for me on the other side of our house, my guess was three – there were two. So, at 8:03 Blondie, PJ, and I departed for an e z p z jog of 3 miles. We talked and talked as our heartrates began to slowly rise. As we made our way back home, the littlest fricker pulled up beside us to tell us how slow we were running. Next, downer honked so loud I thought PJ was gonna dive in the ditch. We laughed and kept running. After the run, we made our way down to the 3PP where littlest fricker, downer, and slo had already begun to warm up. PJ, Blondie, and I were, well, plenty warm as the instant the 3P began it seemed all the runners sprung some serious leaks.

For 52:52 we pushed, pulled, planked, and more. We did heavies, kettlebells, masons, wipers, toes up, jimgants, and the newest addition pjups. PJ, you see, is the master of this move. The workout was hard, really hard, but it went by so fast. It’s amazing how time flies when it’s shared with friends, isn’t it? We had planned to do an ezpz ride to wrap it up but the rain, rain had come and changed plans. Instead of bagging the ride, we decided to substitute it with an even shorter run to bookend the core work. So, PJ, Blondie, Slo, and I headed out for the run. Downer and fricker went for a walk/talk. They did, as fricker told me, an elongated version of 7 good minutes in the rain. It was good for both teams. Very good…

As I’m writing these thoughts, the rain, rain continues its pitter/patter on our back porch. I’m tired and it’s another good tired. As I slow down this morning and think about today’s start, I’m all smiles. How lucky am I to have found so many friends to suffer beside me? We’ve been riding together for over a decade and been experiencing the 3PP since August of 2010. The comradarie of suffering is something special and not taken for granted. One of my krazy clients, Kyle, is gearing up for one of the hardest marathons tomorrow. He’s running the full version of Big Sur out in Cali. He’s gonna suffer. I hope he finds a few friends along the route. You see, suffering alone is a recipe to go dark. When you and I go dark, it rarely ends well. Merge with the team, friend, when you find yourself suffering and overwhelmed. Merge with the team. Find a friend willing to suffer alongside. Be a friend willing to come alongside. Merge.

Thanks Slo (birthday boy), FM, jmo, PJ, downer, Blondie, Grappy, Stud, Brett, and Kevin for joining me in the camaraderie of suffering. The 3PP, like all of life, will not be our home forever. Don’t take it for granted. Appreciate the place, embrace the smells, be thankful for each man, and endure well these moments of chosen suffering. Thank you for showing up, now, for nearly 7 years. It’s been good working beside each of you.

God willing, for many more. Never forever. Never for granted. The comradarie of suffering is special. Grateful. Good…

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