Practice 47…

Tonight, during OSU grappler practice 47 we invested 30 minutes building our literal cores. We let the seconds timer take us through a series of Lhang chin-ups, high bar holds, flutters, scissors, planks, push ups, masons, v-sits. We suffered together. I was sandwiched between Kyle and Grappy. Neither one has ever heard the word quit, much less thought about it. Good.

Once the grapplers were finished enjoying their hard earned smoothies, we invested 60 minutes working on the BTL CORE. We wrote about the hardest thing and how we got through it. We shared moments of suffering with each other. Some shared more than others but it was all good. Just like our literal core grew tighter tonight through being pushed out of it’s comfort zone, so did a bunch of BTL CORE’s. And a bunch of us grew tighter together too. Tonight’s practice was tight. We even had a new grappler from Canada just training for the summer join us. I think he’s gonna fit right in.

You know, come to think of it, there are no foreigners in BTL practice.

Once you join the team practice, it’s like you’ve always been with us. No us and them, just us. Very cool and true. Tomorrow, a few teams will welcome newbies to team practice and by the end of 90 minutes they’re gonna feel like they belong. Tonight, I’m a good tired. It’s good work being with welcoming teams, open teams, inclusive teams, exclusive teams, and high performing teams. Practice 47 was good. Of course, 48’s gonna be better. Each practice, people get better and a few more feel like they belong.

Leader, remember, your people love getting better and they love a sense of belonging. BTL practice builds both. Yeah, it’s that good. Don’t believe me, just ask Grappy and Kyle. Good. Yes, they are good and getting better. How ’bout you and your team?

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