Gerbil or genius…

Great work requires the artist owns their domain of choice. T. Boone is no Bo. He doesn’t know baseball. He knows energy. All masters are deep, not necessarily wide. Study history and you will see this is true. If you want to produce great work, you’ve got to possess a clear purpose and know why you gotta know more today than yesterday. Genius’ never stop digging for more. And, funny they don’t feel like they’re a gerbil spinning on a wheel of someone else’s design. Masters design their work and own their PA. When they sense a lack of alignment with the busyness in their business, they get off the treadmill and think. They change something and play with what happens. They take baby steps and “stumble” onto ones, that take them off the treadmill (gerbilization) and toward their dream state (genius in the makin’).

Masters understand gerbilation is the enemy. Gerbilation is action out of control and of another’s making. Geniusinthemaking choose PA they own. They build depth of understanding within and with their craft. Geniusinthemaking work real hard. Hard opus, remember, is sustainable. Gerbilation, not so much.

What you choosing, my friend? What you chasing? Don’t be afraid to change it up when your inner gerbil/genius start talking trash. Don’t be afraid. Your inner gerbil wants you to play it safe and just keep gerbilating and gerbilate some mo. Your inner genius wants you to choose mastery, keep reaching, go deeper, figure it out, and create something beautiful, meaningful, and filled with purpose – your purpose.

You choose. Your choices have consequences. Gerbil or genius? Good…

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