Sending, not leaving…

A new expression is coming, but not coming soon. Discovery questions, the 80 questions that begin every engagement with BTL are being rinsed for the first time in 15 years. Here’s one of the new questions. Feel free to write the narrative for what it’s worth. If you’re a client of mine, however, please assume this is one, small, new PA. Make it a done so. Here it is.

Assume, friend, everything you’ve done throughout your life, everything you wrote, built, created, and everything others thought about you was erased from the face of the earth the moment you died. Would this change anything in your daily life? Explain.

Discovery is good. Discovery is rewarding. And, discovery, is rough. There’s a reason most humans invest little time in thinking about the big questions of life – ’cause it hurts before it helps. Fact. Slow down and reflect, friend. Write what you’re thinking about your time here on this earth. Remember, you and I have very little control on what the world receives from the signal of our lives and the signal of what we leave behind – our legacy, family, and estate. We can’t control who receives what we’re sending while we’re here. We can give, but we can’t force even one to receive.

Our only job is to send. Our job is for our signal to send the message of a life well lived, at least that seems to make sense to me. Whatever the world receives from what I leave behind is icing on the cake.

My focus is on sending, not leaving. How ’bout you?


1 thought on “Sending, not leaving…

  1. Great question, Chet. I love it. It’s a tough one but very important. I love what you say about focusing on contribution and not necessarily on how you’re “received”. Reminds me of something you wrote a while back about not focusing on the fruits of your labor but focusing on the labor itself. It’s an important message/mindset for sure. Thanks for writing this…always insightful!

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