Gurue made me cry…

Another great week coming to its end. I had the privilege to work with many clients in one on one practice and team practice, got to break in the new intern, play golf with some Lockton clients, run a couple hard workouts in the 3PP, go on one run, one walk, enjoy some steak and red wine with one client and his team, enjoy small group and meaningful convo with many neighbors, see a new tree put its roots down in our backyard, share meals and time with my Miss, talk with Tay and Krits, and make plans to be with Mary and Mom this Mother’s Day weekend. It was a good, full week.

And, I cried. Really cried.

For the first time ever, I got to go to Gurue’s men’s Bible study on Wednesday morning. Because of Lockton, I had to change my standing wednesday morning practice. I had the chance to at least go and watch Gu in action for the first half of his men’s group. So. I. Did. There is nothing small about this practice. Gurue and his team of business people hang out in the dungeon below Hamilton Capital – 75 of ’em. Gurue leads them, BTL style. If you haven’t checked it out, you ought to give it a go at 7bells every Wednesday. You won’t be disappointed. You will be challenged to think, learn, and grow. Good.

So, on wednesday Gu told the story that forever shaped his life – the story of his sons death. December 28th, 1989 Gu’s son went to sleep and did not wake up. He died in his crib while staying with his grandparents. Gurue and I were 30 year olds working at CompuServe. He recalled the first day back on the job after his sons death and it was as if he had the plague. Nobody made eye contact. Everyone left him alone, he said. Everyone but me (this is where I can feel my sympathetic nervous system kick in). As Gu starts to tell this story, my head drops in some kinda attempt to keep it together. I’ve heard this story so many times and can’t understand why I find myself weeping like a baby in front of all these men that I don’t know. I try talking myself into another space and nothing works – the floodgates are open. I’m done. I cried. Really cried.

Gurue goes on to tell the story. He tells the team that I walked up to him that day and reassured him. I told him what I believed about his son and the Son of God. We talked. We cried. We hung out together. I invited him to Church. That’s all. I didn’t do much, you see. Maybe that’s what had me crying my eyes out. I hadn’t done much. All I had done, in fact, was be with. There is power in practicing the ministry of being with, leader. Go be with. Good.

Gu is a new man, today. The Hound of Heaven chased him down and forever altered him from the inside out. Listening to him, watching him, seeing the shoot in his eyes and the love in his heart, is like nothing I can describe in mere words. Kinda like BTL practice, you have to experience God’s Spirit to understand it when you see it in a man like Gu. So good. So real. So surreal. FM, baby.

So, Gu made me cry this week. He’s always trying to give me credit for stuff and this moment I was having a hard time receiving it, or maybe just the opposite – maybe his spirit was penetrating mine. All I know is that this week I cried and never felt better. I cried tears of joy as I saw a man I love, loving a bunch of men, who were being equipped to better love their family, friends, and clients too. It may have been a dungeon, but it was lit with a love stronger than the sun – a love from the Son. A love that seemed to be reminding us that our power is in our presence, not much else. A love that does something small and moves toward the hurting. A love that is with. A love that gives and takes care.

Leaders are believers. Leaders are receivers. And, leaders are connectors too. Go be with, leader. Be with. God bless you, Gu. God bless you all too…




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