Ricky, don’t lose this. It’s way more than a number…

Today, as we closed down practice 30, I asked our newbie, Ricky, what he learned in his second BTL team practice. He shared what he learned about the power of having your own big dream and aligning it with the big dream of your leader. He played back the story of the British King George vs the thirteen American colonies. The Americans had a lot of individuals, teams, and leaders dreaming big. The British simply followed the Kings dream because, well, they had to.

I reminded Ricky and the rest, that this learning had everything to do with the question we began practice with regarding the hardest thing. You see, friend, you’re gonna go through hard things at work. If your reason for working is somebody’s else’s vision, not your own, you’re gonna ease up when it gets hard and ease off when it gets overwhelming. However, if you have a big dream of your own, when the going gets rough, you’re gonna keep going, maybe even go harder. Fact. So today, friend, don’t delay getting clarity within (CORE) and clarity of your aim (OPUS). Dream and do, remember, you can sustain as you perspire. Do or die, you will disdain as you tire.

Dream and do.

Ricky, don’t lose this. It’s way more important than a number. When you catch a big dream for your work there’s no telling what kinda number you might produce. Dream and do, friend. Dream and do. Good…

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