Do more than you think version 2.0…

Practice 5 in the Windy City. FD came along and got himself called out. Cookie kept commenting instead of staying curious. Smiley, well, kept smiling as he shared learning after learning. All in all it was another trust building practice. It was good.

As FD and I made our way back to Midway, we talked about what we observed with each other and this team from Chicago. The biggest learning from FD was around how glacier like the pace is when I run practice. We laughed. Over the years I’ve learned to slow down and slow down some more. Today was no exception. So, today, we covered three pages of content in the 8 playbook. We invested three hours on three pages. Good.

You see, we are not lecturing. We’re learning each other’s language and we’re not taking anything for granted. So, today, we invested time understanding why. We gained further clarity around why we speak and listen, BTL style. We gained further clarity around why we awaken, challenge, and together transform. We gained clarity around our capacity vs our belief about our capacity. We gained clarity about why BTL believes in building a team where everybody dreams, at least everybody is given the opportunity to do so. We gained clarity around why there are so many why questions and why we’re mostly mindless even though we’re obsessed with the word mindful. Funny, huh…

Practice 5 in the Windy City was a practice filled with learning. We’re becoming performance aggressive and leaving passive aggressive behind. Good practice, Windy City team. Practice 6 will be even better. You see, this team, like every team is capable of so much more. Trust me, I know what it looks to see a team running at capacity. Trust me and, like FD, you’re gonna come to believe you too can do more than you think. You can do more than you think. Good…

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