Build your core…

This morning, I had some coffee and conversation with Ron and KA (sister) while looking over the Rocky Mountains from her kitchen table. Yes, she is blessed. After the second cup, I headed out for a 6.75 mile run in the foothills. Mountain streams, horses, goats, 17 Subaru’s and 4 audi’s later, my new balance trail runners returned home; KA’s home, that is. We’re now gonna do a little core work and head to Boulder with Tay to see what craziness that mountain village is up to. Here’s the reminder for me and maybe you.

Seven years ago, this run isn’t happening. My low back would have railed against it. NFW, would have been the little voices rant as it sent chronic pain signals to prove its point. My left hip would have screamed, right knee would have panicked, and the run run would have been over before it started. The difference between then and now is one thing – my joints haven’t been fixed, no pills, no surgery, no freakin magic – just work. Core work to be specific. Do not buy the lie that you’re too old, too overweight, too tired, or too injured to get out there. Start slo. Work the core for a few minutes, three times a week. Get yourself a TRX and go to YouTube for some basic moves. Build your core, slowly. Never stop. Before you know it, you might just be running again, albeit slowly. You will not care. Like me, you’ll take in the smells of Colorado and smile as a beautiful sweat slowly evaporates in the dry, mountain air. You’ll notice all the beauty you miss from the front or back seat of a car as you slo down and take in the views. Sweet.

So, today, if you haven’t started already, work your core. Nothing crazy. Nothing nuts. Something hard, short, and acutely painful in a productive way. Build your core, friend. Your white roads await. Get out there. Good…

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