This ones for you…

I’m rarely writing about you. The good news, I’ve come to discover through eleven years of nearly daily ranting, is that so much of our work at BTL strikes such a cord that lots of individuals, teams, and leaders that we work with think the rants gotta be all about them. It’s not. Today, during another freakin’ magic practice with a crazy system trying to keep their great run going, we talked about politics that if I told you about them you wouldn’t think, for a minute, that they were written about you. Yet, in a weird way, of course it is.

You see the human condition is so universal that we often go to conferences, churches, community gatherings, even company sponsored BTL practices, and think the topic has gotta be about me. Oftentimes, it’s not even though it feels like it is. Remember a word from Anais Nin, friend. “We don’t see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.” Fact. So, today, don’t allow some rant, some corporate hallway chatter, or some memo to send you into some kinda super stressed state. Assume less. And, like my client this morning, seek perspective. Slow it down. Catastrophize it less. Choose some PA and get on your way. Good.

This ones for you, friend. Actually they all are. Good…

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