Fire and forget, is a familiar term if you operate in military flying circles. In the old day’s, a pilot would train his eyes and aircraft on the target, and keep them there for as long as he fired the machine gun or the missile. Today, pilots can fire and forget ’cause the missile is smart. The pilot can fire, forget, and focus on the next mission or enemy aircraft. FM, baby. Leaders, oftentimes, assume they can hire and forget. We assume because of experience, industry knowledge, or simple laziness, we can hire pre – loaded heat seekers and target hits will follow. This would be great if it were true. Sadly, this doesn’t work so well with humans. Humans are not like missiles. Humans are not hire and forget.

We want to know we belong. Not some of us, but all of us. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We never bring our best when left alone. We all want to feel included, needed, and, oddly, claim our independence in the same breath. Yes indeed, we’ve got issues. We are not machines and do not perform well when left unattended. Hire and forget will not hit the target, if your aim is to build elite performers.

Remember, a collection of individuals, teams, and leaders do not become ONE with common knowledge, common experience, and enough time together. They become ONE, only on rare occasion. They become ONE, only when someone has the clarity, conviction, confidence, and the competence to transform with them. They become ONE, only when one is willing to lead the charge and practice toward this purpose. Transformational leaders understand this truth. This is where the heart of performance lives for any and all human systems. Want a team of heat seeking missiles? Forget the notion of hire and forget and sell out completely, to the notion of becoming BTL. Commit to team practices that build trust, unity, and both individual and collective performance gains. Commit to challenging out of belief. Commit to giving courage. Commit to rendering out those unwilling to meet the standard. Commit to modeling the way, embracing pain and suffering, and embodying truth in love.

Together, we will awaken, challenge, and transform individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL. Together, we transform into the originals we’re meant to be. Together, smarter than any heat seekers on their own. Together, we will become a team locked arms, dialed in, and fully loaded to be good and do good. Together.


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