Sideways to straight…

Humans, I believe, are governed by a moral law much more deeply than any corporate or country kinda law. In BTL practices we illustrate this by way of the “justice thread.” We don’t really have a justice thread running from our chest to our abdomen but we do have a muscle called the transverse abdominus that does. This is the muscle that holds the rest of the core muscles together. This morning, in the 3PP, this muscle was pushed into failure. If you want to stand up straight, you gotta  have a strong transverse abdominus.

I think of the justice thread similarly. Picture your justice thread running right down your midsection. When you were a kid playing with your favorite toy on the playground and somebody bigger pryed it from your tiny fingers, you knew it wasn’t right. In fact, you had been wronged. You cried, you called for help, you sulked, or you fought back. Your justice thread had been tweaked. We like to pull at that imaginary thread to demonstrate to the team when somebody is tweaked, they literally “go sideways.” This is why. We humans want justice. We are wired to want things put to rights. We live in a world filled with humans whose justice threads are sideways. When your sense of justice is sideways it’s really tough to see straight. And yet sideways humans, govern our systems and serve as judge and jury. Sideways humans run our companies and our countries. You and I are sideways hoping to get straight.

Sideways humans have another problem. You see, our justice threads tell us when we’ve been tweaked like having a four alarm fire siren erupting inside our heads. We practically explode when done wrong by another. We heard the siren and feel the explosion. Reverse the equation. When we wrong another what happens inside of us?  We may hear something faint, our conscious may slightly provide a nudge, and we may feel saddened for the plight of another. We rarely thinks it’s a big deal, afterall it’s not like they’re bleeding to death or cut to the bone. “Get over it,” we say to ourselves and oftentimes to others. We are, naturally, overtuned to “me.” A learned “second” nature is required if we any hope of getting straight.

Today, as you lead whatever team, family, or community you’re leading, understand each teammate has a justice thread and it’s, most likely, sideways. Your job is to set things to rights as best a sideways human can. You are responsible. You are the law. You are the head of some system and there are sideways humans counting on you making it fair. Ignore this law at your own risk. Ignoring the law of gravity may not hurt when you take a leap without thinking from the first floor, quite different when you jump from the top of the building. You, dad/mom/leader are on top. It’s no different when you ignore the moral law. The higher you’ve risen, remember, the harder you FALL.

God, help me receive your healing strength. God, help me see beyond my sideways self and give some strengthening & straightening to another human. God, help me give and take care. God, help us all…

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