Excellence or extinction…

Back in 1977 I picked business systems as my major. I knew next to nothing about business and could barely spell systems. I learned very little at Taylor University about either because I was more interested in playing golf. Yesterday, today, and for an endless array of tomorrow’s, I study, learn, and apply what causes business systems to move toward extinction or toward excellence. Studying business systems has become my lifes work – kinda funny, I know. Your business is a system and adheres to system dynamics. Here’s a few you may or may not be paying attention to.

Healthy systems migrate their value proposition ahead of demand. Do you?

Healthy systems adapt to their strongest members at the peril of the weak. Do you?

Healthy systems pass the tension to the proper teammate, hold them accountable, reward them for performance, and provide consequence for NOT. Do you?

Healthy systems expect sabotage from within. Do you?

Healthy leaders discern the difference between productive “rebellion” and unproductive rebels. Leaders of healthy systems allow and even encourage productive rebellion against system norms. And, these same leaders do not tolerate toxic teammates and their clever attempts at sabotage. Do you?

Healthy systems are led by a leader tuned in like an animal being stalked to the systems dynamics. These leaders focus “behind the numbers” and focus on root causes both good and bad. These leaders are cause and effect experts. They push the right buttons and pull the right levers, not by luck but by deep mastery caused by their focus “behind the numbers,” not on the numbers themselves. Do you?

Your business is a system. If you lead anything, you better get an advanced degree in business systems. Your system is headed toward excellence or extinction. Your results are not the leading indicators you’ve come to believe. Get “behind the numbers,” my friend. Get behind. Your system going forward just may depend on it. Excellence or extinction. So much of it’s on you, leader. Today, a couple systems got healthier through the gift of team practice. Today, a couple leaders invested in their Human Resources. Today, a couple leaders got behind their nums.

Did you? Good…

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