You are playing with house money…

Yesterday, during FM practice 16, we started with our learning from practice 15. We started with Sunday supper style sharing. Blue sky wasn’t here but his presence was felt. We were all amazed at how he initiated the seeking of feedback with Mark, Lisa, and Mike. Timmyd said, “hit me,” has to be clear, deliberate and safe. Turtle wants to know why I keep emphasizing that immediate is super important. Immediate feedback. The best kind is in the moment. From the work itself. Turtle heard the hit me exercise needs to be it’s own focus. Timmyd clarified. If he wants to be hit, he’s got to be really clear with his desire to be hit. Keep it focused and make it safe. Leaders, remember this fact – you’ve got to make it safe if you want to sniff some truth.

We jumped around to snappy after he asked why feedback in the moment is the best kind. It was a good sharing time. I snapped a bit. Called out a few names and complimented too. It was 1:23 and I challenged the team to write why I took them to page 61 and tied this exercise to flow. This was the CEO test. The challenge was to see if they could get above the rant in the moment, separate themselves, and find the melody line. This is the hallmark of great leaders.

Mark started us off with his learning. Be genuine about asking for the feedback. Don’t get lost in the moment. I told Mark his learning sucked. Crystal same. Paul went next. He too started with a disclaimer. His learning sucked. I’m practicing giving immediate feedback, even though it’s kinda harsh, it’s being given in the moment. Timmyd is asking Paul to make it definitive and actionable. I’m looking for specific, concrete, Timmyd asked Lisa. She is inspired to solicit feedback. She doesn’t think she can do it with a bigger audience. She can. She can change the presentation and it will be good. Timmyd asked her how this is going to lead to better feedback. Timmyd isn’t sure it will. He came clean. Timmyd doesn’t think it will work. The audience won’t be comfortable to come through. She’s gonna set it up this way. Tell them she’s trying to get better. it is 1:58 and we’re writing our learning. So much opportunity to learn today. This team is really learning to Talk!

Tell me, I may listen.
Teach me, I may learn.
Involve me. I will do it.

Thank you, Mom Scott.

I took the team through this short diddy on captivating any audience. They loved it. The team is beginning to believe and trust. Still lots of hesitation in hitting me. The NY minute man (Henry) took about ten minutes to come clean with his little “but” toward me. But, Chet, why you making this so complicated. He coulda said this in a second but he was way too passive. We are practicing receiving a lot of direct feedback from me in the moment. I’ve not been very positive on purpose. We began sharing our learning at 2:04. Good stuff. Turtle talked about cracking the code. He tells too much. Prep is the key. Involving is gonna take time. He’s got to crack the code. Involve in the beginning. How do you keep them there. Henry jumped in again. Turtle didn’t agree. Henry is attacking. Good. He’s pushing Turtle. Turtle is telling too much. Henry agrees. He’s pushing. Paul took hold of “we’re outsiders.” He’s going in with the idea that I have to win people over. Ask the open ended question. Listen. Challenge. Affirm. Be sincere. It’s dangerous. Take the risk. You may go outa control and off track. True. Prepare to give the team less. Less is more when it comes to presenting. Good. Be prepared with 3 outcomes from your training.

As the practice wound down, Timmyd told me that Henry was taking a new assignment and this would be his last team practice. Henry is going bye, bye. He’s taking a new role in the NE. Now it makes sense why this practice felt more like Henry’s than any of the other 15. Henry was playing with house money in his mind. He’s gone. Nothing to lose.

Friend, don’t miss the melody line here. With your work, pretend you’re playing with house money.  You are playing with house money. So. Take more risks. Get involved and don’t be afraid to involve others. Together we improve, yes. BUT, only when everybody plays. Maybe, kinda like Henry, you need a change of mind. We will miss Henry. Would your team miss you? Good…

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