Our chief want in life…

Today, during practice 32 with a team of high performers in KC, we went through the flow formula for high performance again. The flow formula, you may recall, is the brain child of Mihaly the crazy Hungarian. He’s the author of the book titled Flow which is a must read if your aim is to become elite.

According to Mihaly the second condition for optimal performance (flow) is when feedback is immediate. So, today, we focused on a few teammates and gave them the “breakfast of champions,” we gave them information they could use. We offered them some truth telling aimed at improving them. If you are a leader, this is your job. You must become a master at giving truth. The best recipe for this is to begin by being a master at hearing/receiving truth. This is much harder. So, today, we teed up the positional leader and started by giving him the “gift” of the breakfast of champions. He hadn’t even finished his biscuits and gravy before the feedback started flowing, so to speak. It was specific, concrete, and actionable. He let it in. Good.

Here was the root of his learning. His BTL buddy had given him this feedback earlier. He hadn’t heard her. It wasn’t until “I made him” go back to her and ask her to hit him again that he heard what she said the first time. Developing the habit of “play back what you heard,” is the recipe for ensuring what you sent was received. Habituate this, please. Good.

We ended practice with me reminding the team of Bill Self’s favorite quote. This is the quote that he has written above the door where the Jayhawks exit every time they take the floor at Allen Fieldhouse. I’ve told this team about this quote, hundreds of times. At least it seems like hundreds to me. Yet, this morning when I asked them to give it to me before I repeated myself, I was greeted with blank stares. Same when I took them through the comfort, challenge, panic zone reminder. None of them could recall ever hearing either from me. Yes, we all struggle with being heard, friend. Here’s Bills favorite – “Our chief want in life, is someone who will make us do what we can.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leader – Go make your team do what they can. Believe enough to push for more. Don’t forget to keep reminding them. Good…

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