Crush it…

Recently, in BTL team practice, I challenged a team to take back control of their time. I challenged them to live their values inside the company walls before attempting to live them outside. Of course the real challenge is to author your own, personal values since we know humans value what they internalize, right? We all want to stand in our moments of truth, I reminded them through a good visual of Johnny Cash walking the line, but only a few of us recognize our moments, are prepared for them, and appropriately walk into them with clarity, conviction, and grace. If you want to redeem your day, remember not all moments are created equally. Some moments are hinge moments. Mastery of these hinge moments of truth are the difference between being busy vs. being impactful. Life and work quality are not measured by how many hours we check the boxes but, instead, by how many moments we crush it – really crush it.

Your job, leader, is to crush your moments of truth. Crush it.

Sully did just that when he pulled off his mastery on the Hudson back in 2009. All the other USAir pilots crashed it when they were asked to do likewise in a simulator. Here’s the moment of truth that led to crushing it vs. crashing it. Sully grabbed the controls and exclaimed, “my aircraft,” in an instant following the bird strike. His moment of truth came when he wasn’t in control. He grabbed it immediately. He crushed it. When the other USAir pilots were put to the same test via the simulator, they had a “oh s@#t moment” when the unthinkable, bird strike hit ’em. They did not grab control in an instant and the few seconds that lapsed before they gathered themselves was the difference – they missed their moment.

Crush it vs. crash it.

Your best bet to crushing your moments of truth is to come into them a bit more prepared, leader. Moments of truth are hinge moments. They matter more than most. Want to become more awake and feel more in control of your work? The more you notice moments of truth and stand in them, the more you master the mundane. The more awake and alert you become in your everyday, the more likely you are to focus on the right things when the unthinkable crashes in on you when least expected. Funny and true. This mastery of moments will give you more confidence. Confidence, rooted in competence, will lead to more conviction that you “got this.” Eventually, this will light you up. Eventually, you will crush it.

Crush it. Good…

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