We lack leaders with nerve.

We promote presidents in our corporations and communities who can keep the peace, not by taking a stand but, instead, by mitigating risk, not rocking the boat, and finding the middle ground kinda like Chamberlain did with Hitler. We hire coaches, consultants, and psychotherapists at record clips to give us the latest insights, knowledge, and, most importantly, the quick fixes to whatever ails our system. We expect our marriage counselor to “get ‘er done” in a matter of hours. We demand a litany of outcomes from our offsite executive retreat. We expect our Politicians to protect our grandchildrens future without us giving up anything in the here and now.

As leaders we play right along. Leaders, instead of focusing on the few and building performance based on strength, are listening and attempting to placate the very weak, irresponsible, and unreasonable. Evolution, remember, is true because the positive, strength building traits, are the ones healthy systems pass along. Many systems, today, attack the strong. The more the strong attempt to influence the system toward strength, accountability, and generation skipping kinda performance, the more sabotage is sure to stir up. Expect this. STOP focusing on unreasonable people using logic and reason. Your attempts to fix and change them will largely be a waste of time and source of frustration. Instead, you too need to be “unreasonable.”

Focus on the few.

Challenge them. Push them. Make them do what they can, as Emerson coined not so very long ago. The people in the highest positions in your place of work are rarely the leaders people look to in times of trouble. Accept this fact. Stop aspiring for position and promotion. Focus, instead, on building strength. Allow nature to take her course. Remember, the leader, regardless the title, always emerges during the crucible. Their words, polish, professionalism, public persona, and gravitas do not define them. What does, you ask?

Their lack of anxiety. These few have nerve. Does this define you? Slow down and reflect.

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