Touch and talk…

Our massage therapist is a magician. No, really, I mean it. She makes pain disappear. Today, as we talked, I thought about how similar our occupations. You see, my clients hire me to take the pain away too. Amber uses touch. We, the BTL band, use talk. We teach our clients to talk, BTL style. We teach ’em how to use talk to connect with those who’ve become a bit disjointed and out of alignment. Sometimes, our therapy makes it hurt more acutely before it heals. Same with touch. Good.

My left hip and both shoulders have been wrecked with pain over the years of abuse and some self inflicted accidents. The TRX taught me how to strengthen all the connective tissue and the core to eliminate pressure and pain. Hard work got me out of all kinda chronic stuff. Hard work building my core and connective tissue got me feeling really great, or so I thought. Then, Miss got wrecked with all kinda madness this past year. Her body went nuts. Pains and disease flipped her health on her head and sent us seeking all kinda new docs and different avenues for assistance. We stumbled on touch…

I was working it one day at our club and stumbled on a picture of Amber and a little bit about her touch therapy. Miss agreed, we should give touch a try. I mean what could it hurt. Amber began working on both of us this past winter. Looking back, I’m not sure Miss would have made it through without Amber’s touch. Amber helped take some tension and eliminate it from my Miss. Amber made the toxins take a hike, and so they did. FM, baby.

My hips don’t lie. The left one especially. Before Amber, I assumed the kinda locked up feeling and tightness was just some small, manageable, residual pain. I assumed this chronic pain wasn’t going away. I had made my peace and was happy living with it. I was wrong. You see, the hard work and tough TRX stuff could only take my joints so far. My hip required the touch of a professional who could move it in ways machines and I couldn’t. My hip needed Amber’s touch. She made it hurt but only for awhile. She repeatedly pushed and pulled very specific muscles in very specific ways. Slowly, slowly, slowly, the left hip got better. Slowly, after a professional put the right amount of pressure on just the right place – pain disappeared. I told Amber this morning, I never knew how good that old hip could feel. I thanked her for her hard work making me do what I can, specifically for making my left hip move freely again. I had no idea.

There you have it, friend. Touch and talk. You and your system just might benefit from both. You see, friend, every system has all kinda chronic pain, especially in the joints and connective places between different parts of the whole. Every department and division has tension between ’em. You can repair lots of it through your own effort, discipline, and good old fashioned hard work. However, if your aim is ultimate health and high performance you’re gonna have to humbly ask some professionals, with very specific skills, to bring their talents and help take you there. I have to admit, before Amber, I’d listened to my hip and bought the lie. Ambers touch taught me a lesson. Listen to a professional, not a squeaky joint.

Touch and talk. Good…

2 thoughts on “Touch and talk…

  1. Amber sounds great! I’ve got chronic neck pain that I think could be helped with some touch. What is her contact information?

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