Productive rebels…

Creators are a weird lot.  They are more like the juvenile delinquent than the prosecuting attorney. I know, it’s kind of a weird thought but it’s true. You see, most of us humans are reluctant to create.  We want someone else to pave the way and then maybe we’ll add a couple thoughts, timbers, and tidbits – depending on the creation. Leaders would benefit from remembering this little truth.  We humans love to contribute to a cause, a company, or to a really cool creation.  We mostly just wait for something that excites us enough to get involved.

Leaders create.

Leaders create and create some more. Leaders create and engage the team to contribute. Some contribute a ton. Some contribute a tidbit.  The cool systems make it easy to do either. You cannot be a leader without creating something. You can be an effective operator without creating. You can be a great manager without creating. You can be a good teammate without creating. You can be a valuable contributor without creating.

Leaders create.

And, the best of the best make others feel more, not less with whatever tidbit they contribute to the cause. Elite leaders invite contributions from outside their circle, club, or even company. And, the best of the best turn up the quiet ones. And, these quiet ones often contribute a ton. Leaders create and collect the best contributions both large and small from all around. Leaders create a culture where teammates know they are loved too. Leaders love their work and the team. This creates an energy that is the signature of a team of productive rebels. You see, friend, juvenile delinquents are a creative lot – they just haven’t learned yet how to productively rebel.

How ’bout you?

1 thought on “Productive rebels…

  1. Good Lord this is me! Reading this makes me realize that I’m probably not the only one frustrated by my own inability to lead the way I want to in my head. By nature the leader is a rebellious type. Even “knowing” in my head that certain disciplines and practices will lead to the growth and results I desire isn’t enough to remove the constant struggle against my own creative nature that is always seeking to find a “new” way or an exciting opportunity. It’s not about just knuckling down and doing the work, it’s about making the connection between the goal I have (the new creation) and the work it requires. It’s about connecting the work, the effort, the struggle to the creation.

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