Spartans, founders, OSU grapplers, and you…

“Come back with your shield or on it.”

“E pluribus, unum.”

Do you know, friend, where these phases came from in history, what team made them famous, and why they matter still today?

SEAL instructors have discovered what keeps a man from ringing the bell or D.O.R. (drop on request), in essence what keeps them in the game. The lynchpin isn’t the strength of the man physically or how well they swim, stay hydrated, or even their mental disciplines. The man, they’ve observed, that never D.O.R.’s is the man who sees the man next to him and tells his buddy to not quit, not go down, not ring the bell. The man who gets outside his own personal pain and sees a purpose in helping his mate is the man who is gonna make it. The challenge for your team is to find purpose/meaning beyond oneself. The broader your purpose extends the better you make those around you. I mean a selfish purpose is clearly better than none at all. Through adversity and over time, though, bigger is better when it comes to purpose.

So, kinda like the ancient Spartans, we’ve challenged the OSU grapplers to care enough to shield the guy in their weight class, the guy down the depth chart, the guy above them, and a couple guys beside them. We’ve challenged them to do the hard work, model the way, and help a brother along beside them. As they embrace this, out of many – they will become ONE. Grappy (Head Coach) is loving his work and loving this team. He oozes passion for both. Remember, leader, nobody is gonna care more than you do. Nobody, at least not for long.

The phrase “come back with your shield or on it,” came from ancient Sparta and signified the priority of caring for your brother. The team mattered most. Your shield was for your teammate. So good. Of course, “E pluribus, unum,” is America’s seemingly forgotten mantra – out of many, one. The best we can do toward this aim is bring unity to our communities, our local teams, our families, and friends. Stop attempting to boil the ocean, friend, and help one or two along. Don’t commit to doing everything – do something. Good.

For OSU grappling and no different for your team of high performers, sustaining anything excellent will always find adversity, attack, and more sabotage than before. We’re going to practice more, not less. And, we’re going to learn to laugh at what we’ve once loathed, right Nato? And we’re gonna get better through intense practice. Yeah, I guess it’s safe to say “the only easy day was yesterday.”

What are you doing, friend, to make a few around you better? What bigger purpose guides your opus? Are you learning to stop mastering the loathe of self and replace it with the energizing laugh? Who are you shielding? Good…

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